Product Description

Smart Wonder Core

Wonder Core Ab Workout Home Fitness Machine

“Smart 6-in-1 Body Exercise System. As Seen on TV, Half the Price”

Introducing the new revolutionary Wonder Core. A breakthrough design that targets your entire core, allowing you to have the strong, toned, sexy and trim body you have always wanted.

The dual-resistance design engages your muscles all the way down and all the way up keeping your muscles firing the whole time. A reverse crunch against the resistance on the way down and a regular crunch as you come up. Meaning no more wasted time or effort!

What’s more is unlike fitness machines that work using a limited range of motion the Wonder Core extends beyond 180 degrees and has a build in twisting seat. Allowing you to tighten and target every muscle group on your body

Obliques, thighs, glutes, calves, forearms, triceps, biceps, upper, middle and lower abs… The Wonder Core targets them all!!

Forget expensive gym memberships. An astonishingly compact “6 in one” total workout machine use can use in the comfort of your own home