Product Description

Slim N Lift Caresse Jeans Bringing you the newest shapwear and fashion extravaganza from thane! blending jeans,legging and shapwear toghether into this one on trend item; Thane Slim N Lift Caresse Jeans are a must have item this winter.Slim N Lift Caresse Jeans look great on any body type ;Tall or small petite or plus size .They are perfect  for every occasion,whether you are going out shopping or out on a date thane Slim N Lift Caresse Jeans are your new,best fashion friend.They combine the style of designer jeans with the soft feel and comfort of leggings,moulding your body into a slimmer and sexier silhouette.Slim N Lift Caresses Jeans curve conscious waist band flatten your tummy and eliminates the apperance of love handles.The special Slim Flex technology helps the material to mould your body ,into a more slender and sexier shape.available in two stunning colours black or blue  be sexy and strut out in style!buy your thane slim n lift caresses jeans


Prikriva Abdomen

Oformya Legs

Povdiga Butt

No Seams And Buttons

Neveroyatno Handy

Compositions: 95 % polyester and 5 % spandex.