Product Description

Power Perfect Pore Cleaner In Pakistan

Power Perfect Pore Cleanser is a cleaning tool in the face pores and removes blackheads (Blackhead and White head). With this tool, no need to press the nose, or other parts of the face to remove blackheads, or because want to remove acne. Besides being more hygienic, the device avoids the pain and injuries due to nail scratches. Penghisapnya tool is ergonomically designed so it will not hurt your skin, have a very strong suction power so it can clean all the impurities and blackheads clog pores. Have a free skin of blackheads, wrinkles, and dirt with Power Perfect Pore Cleanser is a revolutionary tool that can eliminate blackheads and impurities without pain and makes the skin smoother and bersih.


Power Perfect Pore3 Power Perfect Pore Cleanser has 4 main functions: Brush Exfoliation: For peeling off dead skin and cleanse the pores Cleaning Sponge: To cleanse your face with facial cleanser or soap Face Suction Cup: To remove blackheads Contour Massage: To gently massage the face   How to Use Power Perfect Pore Cleanser: Using 2 AA size batteries Staying enter wrote battery, then hold face to Power Perfect Pore Cleanser, stubborn blackheads will be sucked from the face Previous wash face and compress with warm water for 3-5 minutes