Product Description

The Pedi Spin Callus Remover In Pakistan

Is proof that when one product works there will be other ones that come along to share in its glory. The Ped Egg is one of the most successful products ever developed for foot care, and there has been a slew of imitators to try to capitalize on its popularity. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with the idea to motorize the Ped Egg, and that’s basically what we have here. But does it actually work at removing calluses and dead skin from your feet?

One complaint people have about the Ped Spin is that while yes it works, it can be a little bit tiring to grate your feet for so long. It definitely would be nice to add some power to the situation, as this would allow you to get the benefits without having to put any elbow grease into it. So the idea is solid, but in the case of the Pedi Spin, they got the follow through all wrong.

The Claim
The Pedi Spin claims that it is an easy and painless way to get smooth and soft feet. They also say that it’s like getting the ultimate foot massage when you use the buffering pad. They claim you can use this any time and anywhere, and that you can use it on your heels, souls, and your toes.

They say that it is guaranteed to be safe and gentle on your skin, so even though it’s motorized it won’t grind into your good skin. They also say that it won’t make a mess, because your shavings will end up inside the head of the unit. All that’s required is to open it up and empty it out when you’re ready.