Product Description

Fast Hair Straightner Brush With Led Light
Item Feature;

For Thick Hair,select higher temperature(210-230)
For normal textured hair,select moderate temperature(190-210)
For delicate,fine hair you can select temperature(170-200)select low temperature will be Slightly slower to make a hair style boot-_-press the power button 3 seconds,and press 3 seconds off.

World first no burn no harm 5 second straighten iron Fast Hair Straightner launched.
It is Fast Hair Straightner hair & straighten hair|5 Second straighten your hair 30 seconds heating 0 burns 0 harm!

All th world & pakistani ladeis will be crazy for it advantage:

No burn: When the brush plate reaches 200 degree the brush top only 50 degree,that will not burn your skin,and it can help massage your head & relax you
No harm.It produce anion when work,that remove hair static electricity,also amion can combine with air to produce moisture help nurish your hair
Lcd screen display.
360 degree rotatable wire .it avoids the wire twining.

Voltage; dc110v-220v

Power; 29v

Wire length: about 230cm

Heating timeoptimal styling time 30 second

Straighten hair time; 5 second .brush it and become straight during 5 second.
Thermostatic; 185 degree

Max temperature 230 degree

Min temperature 82 degree

Thermostat adjustment segment 5 degree

We have useuplug adapter

Colour choise;
1 white 2 pink

Package detail

1x straightner brush