Product Description


Our ears are very important to us because as we use them to listen to noises and sounds in our surroundings.

Therefore its crucial that we clean them every now and then to remove excess ear wax that has been accumulated inside the ear cannel.

If we don’t clean our ears, ear wax will eventually build up to the point where it affects your hearing.

Most people clean their ears with Q-tips or cotton buds. But recent studies show that this could be dangerous, as you are pushing clumps of ear wax deeper into the ear cannal.

Proven to be much more effective and safer than traditional cotton tips, this quiet and cordless ear cleaner uses a suction technology to effectively and smoothly removes dirt, impurities, wax buildup and moisture from the ear without pain, damage and irritation.


  • Clean your ears without damaging ear drums

  • Removes ear wax buildup and impurities

  • Easy, Safe, Painless & Effective

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Battery operated (2 x AA batteries not included)

  • Unit measures approximately 10cm x 6cm x 14cm