Product Description

Bio Oil For Stretch Marks,Skin Ageing,Scars,Uneven Skin Tone & Dehydrated Skin

Stretch Marks,Scars,Nicks,Cuts,and imperfections-we all have them chances are,if you do have them,you have heard of bio oil

You can find many bio oil reveiws as it is the go to product for millions of people who feel embarrassed or ashamed of their skin imperfections.

So when we were asked to write a reveiw about it,we certainly jumped on the occasion.We tried to check if it was really the ultimate weapon to get rid of those ugly strech marks

Before Diving in lets check why we get those issues.

How Do You Get Strech Marks Scars?

We know that we often think of these signs of aging as a badge of honor a sign that says look at me i lived  a long life i’ve eaten a good meal ( or a few hundred)

Still Why Are These Marks Showing Up On Your Skin?

Strech Marks

Strech Marks appear whenever your body grows weight gain,puberty,pregnancy,or even when you are trying to build muscle.It happens because our skin grows too fast for our body to build enough collagen. In fact strech marks are kind of scars formed underneath the skin,

Even though it seems like these tiger stripes only plague women,men can get them ass well.they can appaer anywhere:breast,hips,thighs,legs,and butts,9you probably know it too well)

Do These Marks Go Away On Their Own?

While they will fade,these marks generally will not go away-even if you lose the weight


There is one walking this earth thai is perfect.scar are life’s little way of reminding us of that.Wheather your scar is from learning how to ride a bike shaving your legs with a cheap razor.Or just beacuse your feet forget how to walk for a few seconds,they can be pretty ugly

Most of the time the only problem we really have with scar is a cosmetic problem when we have a cut that is open the body producecollagen at much higher levelin order to close the wound and protect our bodeis.That collagen doesn’t have time to match the rest of our skin,therefore leaving a scar in its wake even though it seem like

Benefits Of Bio Oil:

This Famous oil is a solution for these 2 skincare problems-in an oil form it has been designed to help with the marks that come with scaring,acne strech marks,blemishes and other skin problem.Many also use it to stop dry or aging skin.Most users are actually pregnant women and new moms but many others have successfully used it as well.

How To Use :

You need to massage it in circular motion into the effected area twice a day (usually morning and before going to bed) and make sure your skin has fully absorbed the oil (especially if you don’t wan;t to stain your bed sheets or your clothes)